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Work with the NavBlock


Don't expect A Place to Study to be encyclopedic, a compendium of knowledge about things. If you're interested in up-to-date knowledge about what something is, look in Wikipedia. Come to A Place to Study, not to know about the world as it is, but to think about how you intend to live in a world imbued with meaning, significance, value, import — the world of our intentional lives.


This interest in intentional life, our personal agency, informs the way we work with the NavBlock. What you see now is not the tip of a topical hierarchy allowing you in a few quick hops to hit the topic you want. Intentional life does not primarily concern identities; rather it involves agency. The NavBlock works as a set of controls. You'll always find it at the upper right of every page — the driver's seat from which you steer wherever you go. Key elements are five questions basic in our thinking about intentions — why? who? what? how? where/when? They surround a link to tools, digital resources that we can use in seeking to fulfill our intentions.


Our intentional lives involve each of us as a whole persons, and on A Place to Study the NavBlock stands continually at hand with which we each of us can and should work the whole site as whole persons. We do not seek set items of information — bingo, be gone! The intentional life continues, sustained by curiosity, aspiration, hope, interest; spurred by need, concern, anxiety; directed by discernment, purpose, value; attracted by beauty, joy, and love.


In a life of study, we try to form ourselves and express what we can can should become in the community of peers. The NavBlock enables A Place to Study to facilitate that effort.