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Making it work in a digital commons

To Do List

On A Place to Study we aim to enhance our personal agency, forming ourselves and learning liberally in the digital commons. That purpose should inform the way we go about developing the skills and capacities with which we can pursue it. We bootstrap our abilities to work effectively here and throughout our lives. Each of us will want and need skills and capacities far exceeding those we can acquire. Hence we cooperate and support each other while tactfully recognizing the independence of each.

  • Know where you are coming from.
  • To begin, begin and then advance recursively.
  • Recognize fully what needs to be done and then act on what you can do well.
  • Whatever the task, use the most powerful tools available to you in order to extend your skills while achieving a purpose.
  • Respect the principle of enough.

A Place inspires our aspirational thinking

  • to Study expands our aspirational capacities