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What we do

One can contribute to the betterment of humanity only what he himself has made from what he can and should become.

Johann Gottfried Herder (1794)[1]

A Place to Study provides free, unencumbered, comprehensive resources to persons seeking self-formation and liberal learning in the digital commons.

  • Free means that the use and construction of A Place to Study is voluntary and self-directed, limited only by a shared commitment to work collaboratively with others to advance their purposes.
  • Unencumbered means that the use and construction of A Place to Study requires no payment of fees, generates no derivative monetization,[2] and serves to advance the operations or purposes of no organization other than itself.
  • Comprehensive indicates an aspirational intent to avail any and all cultural resources of meaning to persons in their efforts to disclose the commons through their self-formation and liberal learning, limited by technological capacity, usability constraints, and the prevailing intellectual property law.

The Collaboratory for Liberal Learning is a non-profit organization, being incorporated in New Jersey, USA, with its purposes and powers specified and restricted to raising, managing, and allocating financial resources needed to develop and maintain the technical infrastructure supporting the operations of A Place to Study.

  1. Johann Gottfried Herder, Briefe zur Beförderung der Humanität, Dritte Sammlung, Letter 32, [1794], (1971), pp. 108-110, quotation, p. 109.
  2. No derivative monetization means neither a flow of income through the sale of advertisements or information nor a flow of expenses to pay salaried employees to create content or to manage its use. A Place to Study will encompass a non-profit Collaboratory for Liberal Learning, which will raise and manage the funding and staffing necessary to provide the technical infrastructure in support of A Place to Study.