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Who? seeks the agent at work

  • Who does what in our lifeworld? [** Explain more about Lifeworld.**] What capacities enable us to make it tick? What personal qualities are particularly important to our shared quality of life? Why are those capacities and qualities important and how can we best support, strengthen, or emulate them?
  • Modern persons might have multiple lifeworlds. This is often the case for women. Verbs which represent this situation are multitasking and juggling.
  • How has your lifeworld changed throughout your lifetime? What was it like during your childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, and old age? Thinking about yourlifeworld timeline does any pattern emerge?
  • What persons,concerns, emotions, hopes, disappointments dominated your lifeworld at a particular stage in your life?
  • During your life, have you encountered negative exemplars- persons who you decided not want to incorporate into your lifeworld? If so please describe the circumstances that prompted you to make such a decision.
  • Does celebrity culture affect a person's search for exemplars? If so, how?