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How? joins thinking and acting

(To be revised)
  • What? leads to the universe of concepts, nouns;
  • How? describes the working of action, verbs.

In this district, we start with the question, How do we study? That leads us to consider a range of activities important in the work of study to which we locate with links to the right. What's unusual about them? In most instructional situations, the question How? merges with What? and we get a topical listing, lots of courses, subjects, indicating what students can study.

On A Place to Study we don't want our inquiry programmed for us in this way. There's lots and lots of resources here from which each can and should extract concepts, topics for study. But we don't study in a monochromatic manner, teeth clenched and eyes squinched, in response to some imperative, "Study this!" In its fullness, we study in a highly variegated manner, many different modes of acting, which with reflection we can mix and match to control our movement towards a dynamic purpose. What's key is not piling up a mound of topics, but keeping the sense of purpose dynamic, imbuing life with a continuous sense of purpose.

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