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On A Place to Study

These dialogs help illuminate what A Place to Study is about and how visitors can make it serve their purposes.

  • Well developed drafts
    • Hello — An introductory dialog about A Place to Study.
    • For its own sake — V and R try to make sense of what it means to do something for its own sake, clarifying the purpose of A Place to Study.
    • With a digital pedagogy — How a digital pedagogy will differ from one conditioned by mechanical reproduction (draft in progress).
    • Persons, not individuals — Why don't we speak of individuals on A Place to Study?
  • Drafts needing considerable further work
    • Disclosing the commons — On disclosing the commons (initial notes).
    • The place — V and R imagine A Place to Study as a place and discuss the uses of different locations in it. (An early draft needing much revision).
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